Common Ground

March 9, 2010

Common Ground Rules for Local Distinctiveness

“Common Ground is a UK based charity offering information and inspiration to help people learn about, enjoy and take more responsibility for their own localities.

In the spectrum of environmental organisations Common Ground uniquely pioneers imaginative work on nature, culture and place. Common Ground explores new ways of looking at the world to excite people into remembering the richness of everyday landscapes, common wild life and ordinary places, to savour the symbolism with which we have endowed nature, to revalue our emotional engagement with places and all that they mean to us, and go on to become involved in their care.

Common Ground has been exploring and developing a new concept, that of local distinctiveness. Local distinctiveness is essentially about places and our relationship with them”.

Common Ground’s RulesĀ for Local Distinctiveness

Fight for Authenticity and Integrity.

Value the Common Place, our Cultural Landscapes are our ordinary history and everyday nature intertwined.

Let the Character of the People and Place express itself.

Bring Enchantment into our daily lives.

Feed Imagination with diversity.

Work for local Identity.

Remember the depth of people’s attachment to places. Places carry meaning.

Let Nature in. Encourage the plants that want to grow in your locality. Grow a succession of good and diverse neighbours that bring richness to your doorstep.

Champion the Ordinary and Everyday.

Remember personality resides in Idiosyncrasy.

(The photos on the right were taken during a workshop for National Tree Week/International Women’s Day)

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