Circles of Community Gardens

April 29, 2010

Circles of Community Gardens is a project which develops high visibility circular  garden areas within village landscapes. The gardens are collaborations between adults and children, working together to create  nature-friendly gardens uniquely reflecting the character of the local community. Each garden has resources for wildlife, soil life and the life of the village. Community gardens generate a sense of  ‘place’ – distinguishing verges, cultivating neglected grassy areas, or enlivening grounds near schools, community centres, churches, or playgrounds. By planting a community garden, adults and children work alongside each other to achieve a common goal. A sense of environmental stewardship is cultivated while creating an interactive place for all to enjoy. “The circle is a way to express the merging of family, friends, neighbours and community” (Green Streets Vancouver, Vancouver City Hall 2009). Gardens are a focal point for communication, local identity and championing the everyday landscape within which people live.

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