Radical Nature Gardening

August 17, 2010

Characteristics of Dissident Nature Gardening:

1. Encourage idiosyncratic planting styles, expressing the personality of the gardener(s)

2. Promote abundant self-seeding of wild flowers, herbs and edible plants

3. Welcome the appearance and growth of long wild grass

4. Create planting areas that are not rectangular, but quirky

5. Mix random colours, textures and heights of plants together

6. Abandon obsessive weeding behaviour – a garden is never ‘clean’ of weeds

7. Move vegetable gardens to the front of the house (or school or community centre), and vow not to work in tidy rows. Vegetables grow better within communities of different kinds of edible plants or even within flower beds.

8. Strive to promote biodiversity planting, mix vegetables with edible wild plants, soft fruits and herbs

9. Remove manicured lawns whenever possible

10. Engage with gardens as a living experience, a garden is not a stage, use its food, remedies, creative presence, and culture as a sanctuary and stimulus

Photos: Irish Wildflowers – Purple Loosestrife, Teasel, Knapweed


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