Saksala Art Centre, Finland

November 6, 2011

Artist in Residence, Saksala Art Centre Finland, July 2011

I created a simple studio for children which contained a cotton muslin tent, felted nests, a garland of dried flowers, a large seed sculpture, nature prints and folded books. The purpose of the studio was to offer children a place to connect with both themselves and their relationship to nature. The studio reflected my time at Saksala working with water, sheep’s wool, wild flowers, and sculpted paper. Collecting materials, and arranging a quiet space for children to bring nature into their art, are important themes in my work. Creating an indoor environment for children to dwell within while they paint, draw, and sketch their own reflections is my offering to Saksala. I have learned the importance of sitting quietly with children as they work through their own ideas. The process of making the studio has involved floating fabric in a lake, picking flowers to dry, sewing with sheep’s hair, sculpting paper, and working with the lines and surfaces of wild plants.